Career Readiness Certificates - WorkKeys

The National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) uses three WorkKeys® foundational skill assessments – Applied Mathematics, Locating Information, and Reading for Information – to verify to employers anywhere in the United States that an individual has essential core employ-ability skills.

  • The ACT has researched more than 17,000 occupations, and these three skills are highly important to the majority of jobs in the workplace.
  • The Certificate is an easily understood and nationally valued credential that certifies the attainment of these workplace skills.
  • When employers ask for the National Career Readiness Certificate for jobs in their workplace, they tap into the most qualified labor pool available.

If you are interested in testing for the National Career Readiness Certificate, please contact your local American Job Center:

  • Chattanooga   423-894-5354
  • Athens             423-745-2028
  • Dayton             423-570-1107
  • Cleveland        423-790-5552
  • Marion             423-837-9103

For more information on the NCRC, please visit ACT - National Career Readiness Certificate

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